Products & Offers


We offer an AMC (Actively Managed Certificate) product with Bitcoin as underlying with a FINMA-regulated Swiss bank custody.

Subscription are made with an ISIN code, offering an easy access for regulated investors. Gami Capital manages strategies using its quant desk, that aim to reduce the volatility of the underlying asset while accumulating it over the long term.

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Web3 early investments opportunities

Gami Capital advise investments in digital asset and Web3 native companies, providing early-stage investment opportunities. Thanks to members of the board who are working in some Web3 Venture Capital, we have access to a qualified and double-checked dealflow mainly in Infrastructure, Capital Markets, Gaming & Tooling sectors.

Fund of Funds crypto market neutral

In order to offer a diversified exposure to digital assets, we offer a Fund of Funds with a market neutral strategy.

Strategies of underlying funds : Market Making; Arbitration; Long / Short.


We provide our knowledge in digital assets to various clients, understanding their expectations, needs and offer them tailor made solutions.